Stan1ey UX Tools




Grid Layer

See the live website with your chosen grid and baselines on top of it. Align everything and it'll automatically look better!

Palette Checker

Pushing out a new brand color palette? Quickly highlight the bits that don't match your new list of colors.

Design Elements Distiller

Shows the summary of some basic design elements used on the page, in the order of frequency.

Design Process

Wireframe it!

Transform your prototype into wireframe, to discuss the high-level design decisions with no distraction from its visceral details.


Label Sizes Matter

Measure the width of the labels in pixels, and find the optimum size of the UI elements in the various translated strings, for your better localization.

Typography Comparison

Compare the Latin alphabets with non-Latin characters side-by-side, to understand their differences in the alignments and space around the text.


Try your UI with some different labels and contents. Just click and edit -- Go WYSIWYG with online web pages!


Will your layout break with long translations? Click and make any string longer to find out even without any localization work!


Colour Contrast Matters

Find all the legible color combinations in your palette with ease. Enter your colors for an instant color contrast matrix for WAI compliance level A or AA.

Font Size 101

Ever tried to compare the different behaviour in the font size units? Now you can with the exact pixel measurement.

Data Analysis

AAB Stats Adviser

AAB testing is a fail-proof way to find the truth, but not an easy one to analyze. Compare 3 variant / control groups with on click.

Sketch plug-ins

Lorem Variabilis

Generates "lorem ipsum" dummy text for the selected text layers, with the selected number of words.


Know Your Display

Is your display Retina? XHDPI? MDPI? LDPI? Load this page and find your pixel density. Remember: It depends on how far you look at it from.